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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Should You Provide Outdoor Furniture to Your Tenants?

A Cozy Patio Filled with Beautiful Outdoor FurnitureIf your Bannock County rental property has a porch or patio, you may be thinking about buying furniture for it. After all, an incredible outdoor space can add a lot to a rental home’s curb appeal. But before you place an order, there are a bunch of issues you need to consider carefully. Every rental property is different, and so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether outdoor furniture is the right choice for you and your tenants. Hence, you must consider all of the potential benefits and drawbacks before supplying outdoor furniture to your tenants.

Maybe the first thing to consider is how long patio furniture might last. When spending money on anything for your rental home, you have to determine whether that investment will pay for itself. Some portion of that method is figuring out the life expectancy of any external furniture you aim to get. Unlike other elements of your investment property, there is no one number you can use.

The lifespan of your outdoor furniture shifts quickly depending on materials, construction, daily wear, and maintenance. Higher-quality furniture will probably last longer than cheaper items, but heavy use could shorten the life of any kind of outdoor furniture. Likewise, if your tenant never covers or cares for the furniture, dirt, rust, or sun, rain, or snow exposure could easily change that beautiful outdoor chair or table into an eyesore.

Another critical thing to think about when getting outdoor furniture for your Bannock County rental property is whether the backyard and your property’s location is suited for it. Wanting to put a small patio or porch with large furniture is not a good decision, as well as placing very small pieces in a large space. Either one might make your property’s outdoor spaces look uncomfortable, rather than inviting.

It’s also important to consider how your tenants use the space, your landscape design, and what types of outdoor furniture would best compliment the house. Certain materials may not last long in some climates, while others are an injury lawsuit waiting to trigger. For example, metal furniture can get very hot in the sun and cause serious burns in warmer climates, especially during the summer.

When choosing outdoor furniture, it’s also essential to consider the question from your tenant’s perspective. Some tenants may already have some porch and other outdoor equipment, and they may not need the furniture you offer. It can generate a whole new set of challenges, such as where to store the unused furniture.

However, if you don’t provide outdoor furniture, your tenants might decide to “decorate” the porch or patio with furniture that is not designed for outdoor use. Installing a sofa or additional unsuitable furniture outside of your rental house could easily turn into a serious issue. Not only will the fabric invite bugs, rodents, and mold, it will also start to look and smell terrible in a short amount of time. If you already have outdoor furniture in place, you’ll essentially reduce the chances that your tenant will add unsuitable furniture by themselves.

At the end of the day, buying outdoor furniture for your Bannock County rental property is a choice only you can decide. But with the proper information and some thorough examination, you can more quickly determine which direction works best for your investment properties.

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